About Gurpreet

Gurpreet is Vice President of Mumbai Regional Mahila Congress (I) Committee and an active Congress Party worker for Mumbai district. She served as an advisory panel member of CBFC for three consecutive years till 31st July, 2016. In all of these roles she is working to generate new ideas and innovative ways of promoting social principles which will positively impact the society and give a new voice to the challenges facing all Indians.

I will continue my services towards our mother nation by being an integral part of politics; genuinely working for the welfare of the people at large to build a stronger foundation for our future – for our beloved India -

She handled a number of cases for women in distress, helped the victims to rehabilitate and bring the involved culprits to justice. Gurpreet has always been an upbeat leader in her community, where she instinctively incorporated new solutions and innovative tactics to make people’s lives better. She strongly believes in Women Empowerment and actively involved in every effort to promote gender equality. Her dream is to create an environment where women can make sovereign decisions on their personal growth as well as stand out as equals in the society. She had also carried out cases of rape, sexual harassment, wife molestation, Child Abuse, property extortion etc.

A Teacher at Heart
Originally born and raised in Delhi, Gurpreet received her Nursery Teachers Training Diploma from Bal Bharti Institute in 1995. She holds Bachelor’s degree from Commerce faculty. She worked as nursery teacher in Ramjas Foundation Day Boarding School, Delhi for around 12 years (1996–2008). This firsthand experience taught her the value of mentoring people in need and the importance of public service. From her parents, Gurpreet learned dedication, gratitude, hard work, and commitment to community.

A True Congresswoman
Gurpreet is an energetic and responsible member of Indian National Congress (INC), and has guided many important expeditions for the party. She quickly established herself as an active new leader in Congress by working out tirelessly on various public issues. In 2012 she is elected as General Secretary of Mumbai Regional Mahila Congress (I) Committee and became an influential and forceful voice for strengthening Indian woman.

  • She campaigned for four candidates of the party in Brihan-Mumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC elections held in Feb 2012. All 4 candidates won within their own constituencies.
  • She worked hard to resolve problems pertaining potholes, debris, illegal constructions, drainage / flooding. Taken active efforts to alert Mumbai Municipal Corporation and work in tandem, for clean up drives in various areas of the city.
  • As an active Congress Party worker in her ward, she carried out campaigns for free of cost heart/cardiac operations for underprivileged people.
  • Campaigned for elections at various levels in Mumbai, Delhi and Daman and Div.
  • Organized Peace Rally on 26th Nov 2009 in association with Abhimaan NGO
  • Initiated psychological counselling campaign for children, teachers in schools and colleges. Keeping in mind, the extremely low Mental Health of the citizens of our country, the idea is to find out psychological problems in children and resolve them through therapy & counselling.
  • She has been active in International Affairs perspective on social and ground level politics. She was a lead participant in the seminar organized by ACYPL (American Centre for Young Political Leaders) at Brihan-Mumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC headquarters.
  • Organized and participated in numerous blood donation camps and health care programs in the city.
  • Organized and keenly participated in the local area programs to make general masses aware of the government schemes for poor and needy.
  • Appointed as General Secretary of Tri Nagar Women's Wing of Congress in Delhi as result of sheer dedication and responsibility towards her commitment towards the party for 2002-03

A Honest Businessperson
Gurpreet is a respected, small businesswoman. She thinks visual media is the most powerful way to present the public issues. Her production house in Mumbai is dedicated to publish social concerns of common people through short films or documentaries. It is an initiative for a positive social change.

“Odyssey in Epoch”
A documentary named “Odyssey in Epoch”- on the culture and history of Koli Community (also regarded as the original inhabitants of Mumbai), living in the Madh-Versova area of Mumbai covering a wide range of issues like child education, environmental pollution, transportation problems, human rights violation and medical health. The documentary features 2 Members of Legislative Assembly, 2 Members of Parliament and ex IPS officer.

  • The Primary school got a fund of Rs. 2,000,000 for upgrading it with modern and some most necessary facilities.
  • As a voice for the common mass (Koli Community), the documentary emphasised the importance and necessity of a foot-over/motor vehicle bridge between Madh andVersova and brought this to the government.
  • Got selected at the famous “Kala Ghoda Festival” in Mumbai for screening.

"Rising of Women"
A documentary based on violence against women. The documentary also highlights successful women who have been source of inspiration to the Indian society.

Her production house successfully conducted, directed and anchored “Parivartan” a seminar on Rights of Women. The seminar is inaugurated by her Excellency Smt. Margaret Alva, Honourable Governor of Uttrakhand on 23rd February 2011

"Rising Women Awards"
A short film produced as “Rising Women Awards” on International Women’s Day in Daman on 8th March 2011

"Inauguration of Play Ground"
Successfully conducted and directed the event for the inauguration of a play ground by Chief Minister of Maharashtra, PrithviRaj Chavan in Malad (Mumbai)

"Clean Daman"
Produced a documentary “Clean Daman” for Daman Municipal Corporation to promote personal hygiene and general health in the Union Territory. Helped in setting up Hindustan Art & Craft exhibition throughout Mumbai. The exhibition gives food & shelter to more than 200 daily wage laborers and artisan all over India. Also provide free stalls to poor yet talented people for emancipation.

My Mission

  • To reach out and help as many people as possible by the way of social work and by creating adequate awareness.
  • To facilitate new ways and means of improving the living conditions and health concerns of the masses by taking initiatives towards major concerns like public health issues, mass education issues, infrastructural issues and environmental issues.
  • To be part of initiatives and movements that benefit the society at large.
  • To work towards emancipation of women, especially those belonging to the underprivileged section through regular local programs, issue specific seminars, developmental campaigns, better media platforms and employment drives.